Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long Time No Publish

Sorry.  Truth be told, I misplaced the login info! Ooops.

But we're back and will be uploading stuff again.  Perhaps something new on the horizon???

Monday, July 26, 2010

So, so stoked for the Greek!!! We've dropped off our framed piece for the show with the incredible Kerrigans. Thanks so much to Ryan for organizing this fun show. The piece hanging in the show is entitled Greecian Antelope and is a 18"x24" giclee, a slight departure from our normal style. That is a one off at that size and we'll have 10 smaller giclee prints on canvas. Image size is 9"x12" with 1.5 inch borders around the outside for a total 12"x15".

We'll also have several magnets and Telluride pieces coming, so stayed tuned and come check us out at Vintage Berkeley on Vine St. on Friday August 6th from 12-2 in Berkeley during the Greek run.

The amazing cheeseboard is right around the corner by the way, if you want to grab a pizza.... ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This guy wanted a lift home from festival 8. Hard to believe that was Phish's last west coast shows! That's about to change soon...

Phish plays the Greek next month!!! The day the show was announced was also the day we found out we were moving outta Berkeley, so we're especially eager to get back to the spot we called home for the last few years. Looking forward to the shows and the gathering of poster friends.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Coming soon.... Miami magnets and more.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

8 was Great!

OH my, oh my. Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Southern California for Halloween was one of Phish's best ideas to date. Not only to throw a CA festival, but a Halloween festival in the desert no less.

Beautiful weather.

Beautiful site.

Beautiful results.

Well, we were so stoked for this festival that we had to do some artwork. Since the area of festival is an important place for migrating birds (indeed Indio is an official national bird sanctuary), we created a series of canvases titled Flocking. All unique (altho a few were jokingly numbered 8 of 8), we also decided to make a few smaller canvases magnets. We do love the freezers as Ebeneezers after all.

We donated the circular canvas to the charity raffle at the festival. hope whoever won enjoys it!

And then after the festival was over, we made it to Joshua tree. What an amazing alien world that is! We went to this insane overlook where you could see the entire coachella valley, where the festival had just taken place. But the real stars of the show were the Joshua Tree and Cholla Cactus.

Ahh, but those pictures are for another post.

In the meantime, we've got a lot coming up that we're excited to do some artwork for! The disco biscuits return for a California throwdown next week and then onto Miami for another stellar New Years, including an EPIC Mock Show with the one and only Jim Pollock!! ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On to Shoreline and the Gorge

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth at the Mock Show! We debuted our Splashing In the Sea series and 4 new magnets!

The Splashing in the Sea series is limited edition run of screenprints on ready-to-hang wood panels. They are all signed, titled and numbered with a total run of 36 - (14 on Maple, 22 on Birch. It debuted at the Mock Show on 8/1/09. $40 and shipping will be $5 extra.

*note the edition on maple is heavier, and thiner with unfinished edges, but slightly more detailed woodgrain. The edition on birch is lighter and deeper.

And to show some love for the freezer....Limited Edition Magnets!

The print runs are as follows:
Stealin Time - run of 250
Red DMC (Who Rocks/Red Rocks) - run of 150
Long Lasting Phreshness - run of 150
A Mock Magnet - run of 100
$2 each or 3 for $5. Shipping with be $1 extra.

Thanks for looking! If you like anything, drop us a line at Please be aware that we will likely be offline while getting down at Shoreline and the Gorge, so emails will be returned post August 10th. We just ain't that digital yet...

Hope you are having as much fun as we are this tour. The PHISH is BACK!!!!! And did we even mention HALLOWEEN yet?!?!?!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh So Much

A lot has happened since our last post and oh so much more lies on the horizon. Red Rocks in a week, (MOCK SHOW!!) followed by Shoreline and the Gorge. Yowzahs what fun! What have we got cookin? Well, no more hints of images, but we do have a series of 30 9"x12" screenprints titled A Joyful Summer on ready to hang wood panels and 4 magnets in the works. And who knows what other surprises may bubble up....

And in the meantime, check out Ian Stone's terrific recording of the Biscuits High Sierra late night performance over at the archive. Despite the power going out on Magner and Brownie for about 15 minutes (14 min. mark through the end during RLH), this show is way worthwhile. Exploratory and energized.

High Sierra Music Hall, 7.4.09 (technically 7.05.09)
1: Orchard Lounge Jam (1) -> Run Like Hell**(2) -> Svenghali (3) > Rockafella -> Helicopters (2) -> Crickets (4) -> Minions -> Sound One (5), Shelby Rose, Morph Dusseldorf
E: Mulberry's Dream, Digital Buddha -> Orch Theme (2) -> Digital Buddha, Astronaut, Lithium
(1) Segue out of Orchard Lounge's DJ Set
(2) Unfinished
(3) Ending only
(4) Middle only
(5) With 'Bernstein and Chasnoff' tease
**power outage

And while you're at it, you can download a mastered audience recording of the Biscuits first set at Camp Bisco for free. The >cyclone says do it!